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 What is Supporters group and how to get in

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PostSubject: What is Supporters group and how to get in   Mon May 17, 2010 6:32 am

Hey all,

Since a lot people asking what is this new group "Supporters" in this post I will try to
explain what to do to get in this group.

is group that helping the
server to improve in everything.

1. If you report and help to catch hackers, you can get in.
2. If you report people who insulting, you can get in.
3. If you participate in events such advertisements, you can get in
Supporters group.
4. If you make guides for the players.
5. If you share game skins you can get in this group.

Depends on your activity you will be in Supporters group soon.
Also and Supporters
have more permissions than the registered and the
VIPs. They are below the MODs and the GFX Team. Some day an supporter
can simple became GM if he is active in his job.

I created this group to improve the community also if an player helping
in those 5 ways and even if can help in another way which I will save in
secret you to guess it. The player can became Game Master without any
problems if following our forum and in-game rules and helping with the
improvement of Mu-Platinum server.

The way to get GM status in this server is to help the community, not
just asking for it without doing nothing. Everyone from the team you see
helped me with the improvement of the server from the BIG start. So
please be more respective to the staff members, not just only to me.

Thank You,
The Mu-Platinum Administration

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What is Supporters group and how to get in
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