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 [Guide] Dark Knight

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PostSubject: [Guide] Dark Knight   Thu May 13, 2010 6:50 am

Dark Knight Guide
During their golden age, the mysterious order of dark knights fought for the protection of the citizens of MU. But those times have long since passed. Due to many wars the order was torn apart. Now the dark knights have become mercenaries to promote their own gain. Some have wandered the land in order to hone their skill to perfection, while others continue to try and bring justice to a time of pain and suffering. But one thing is certain; the dark knights of MU are sights too see pitched in battle.

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The Dark Knights are the embodiment of strength and power. In close combat, they can deliver deadly attacks while taking more damage that would kill any other class. Due to their excellent combat abilities and high number of hit points, Dark Knights can venture out alone without much problem. He can wear different types of armors and can use a wide variety of melee weapons from swords and axes to spears. The skills of the Dark Knight do not eat up as much mana as compared to the skills from other classes. This makes energy a low priority among Dark Knights.

Calculation Formula for Dark Knights
Maximum Damage
Minimal Damage
Attack Success Rate
Defensive Power
Defense Success Rate
Skill Damage Strength ÷ 4
Strength ÷ 8
(Level*5) + (Agility*3) ÷ 2 + Strength ÷ 4
Agility ÷ 3
Agility ÷ 3
200% + Energy ÷ 10
Character calculator here
The Dark Knight can equip swords, axes, spears, maces and shields.
Weapon Skill Many of the weapons you can equip in the game give you a basic weapon skill that does 200%+Energy/10 damage to the enemy.
Twisting Slash Acquired from Orb of Twisting Slash at level 20. This skill is very useful because it has an area-of-effect damage and hits all enemies in a 2 range radius around the Dark Knight. Useful agains many opponents.
Death Sab Acquired from Orb of Death Stab at level 160. This skill is very useful against single opponents. It does geater damage than the weapon skill but drains your stamina. In some game versions the death stab hits multiple targets in front of the dark knight.
Rageful Blow Acquired from Orb of Rageful Blow at level 170. This skill is very useful against multiple opponents. It does geater damage than the twisting slash and has greater range but drains your stamina and has slower cast time. Effective agains many well-armored enemies around the Dark Knight.
Impale Acquired from Orb of Impale. This skill does more damage than the weapon skill and can be cast only on mount and carrying a spear-type weapon.
Explosion Acquired from Orb of Explosion. The Dark Knight uses his weapons to strike a freezing blow to his opponent. The Explosion skill freezes and slows down the enemy making them an easy prey for you.
Raid Skill This skill is available when using a dinorant. It does greater damage than the impale skill and can be cast with any type of weapon.
Greater Fortitude Acquired from Orb of Greater Fortitude at level 180. This skill is a type of war cry that boosts your and your party's maximum health. The boost is based on your Vitality and is increased by your Energy points.

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[Guide] Dark Knight
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