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 Steps to help whit Disconnections

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PostSubject: Steps to help whit Disconnections   Wed May 19, 2010 8:59 pm


When do you disconnect?
Disconnect at Login, disconnect when logged into character? After 2 minutes of Login?

Have you tried different Servers?
Try logging into a different server, same issue on Server1, and on Server2(siege)?

Have you tried different Characters?
If you only get disconnected with one character, please post the character name.

What happens when client disconnects?
Do you get a disconnection message "You are disconnected from the server", or does MU client just close?

What Firewall are you using?
Have you changed settings recently?

How are you connected to the internet?
Are you on a wireless internet connection?
Do you appear to have issue with internet out of game?


Items Issue
Place all your items from your character to your vault.
Do you get disconnected when there are no items on your character?
- YES > Move to next step.
- NO > Put each item back on 1 at a time , test for 2 minutes.. then try next item..

Stats Issue
Have you recently changed / upgraded your items?
I suggest you add 30 stats on Strength and Agility.

Download Problem
Have you correctly downloaded the lastest Patch and Correct Client?

Internet Connection
Do you have issues with you internet? (Not a MU specific issue)
I suggest you try powercycling your modem.. disconnect the power for 20 seconds.
Otherwise, please contact your Internet Service Provider.

Firewall Settings
Do you still get disconnected if your firewalls are turned off?
- YES > Move to next step. (remember to enable your Firewalls again)
- NO > Change configuration, post here if you need help..


Issue Fixed?
Please reply with the details of your issue, and which step/steps appeared to have resolved your disconnection issue.

Issue Persists?
Do you still have an issue after reading carefully through the above steps?
Please post exactly what the issue is, and answer all the questions above..
And post all the steps you have performed to try resolve this issue.

This thread is created to help All of you, make sure you let your friends know to follow these steps if they have any disconnection issues.

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Steps to help whit Disconnections
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